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Our Prices

  Cost per unit


1-1000                          $ 1.00

1000 +                            $ .90

Cost per unit includes:


* Inspecting

* Label Removing

* Inventory Pictures

        ( If Damaged)

* Labeling- FNSKU, Fragile, Suffocation warning, single unit, and do not open.

Rubber Bands                   $ .05

Monthly Storage for items         $0.20

Past Due Invoice Fees    $20


Returns                              $ .25

Receiving, inspection, pictures, and recommendation

* We Invoice on the 1st and 15th of every month

* We have a registration fee of $50

* We are not responsible for items not listed on your spreadsheet

* Items not on spreadsheet or troubled items, will be held for 30 day then disposed of at our discretion 

   Poly Bags

Poly bags per item      $.20    

Large poly bags            $.40                             

Fragile Items

Bubble Wrap             $1.00

Bubble Bags               $  .50


$ .50 per Bundle

Shipping Boxes:


Small Box                   $1.75

Medium    18x18x16    $2.50

Large         18x18x24    $3.00

Large         24x18x24   $3.50

No Charge for using recycled boxes or the box that the items

arrive in.

* We are not responsible for
mis-delivery by carriers

* We are not responsible for items once they leave the facility 

* We have the right to refuse service to any mistreatment, rudeness, late payments and no payments

* shipments will not go out with unpaid invoices 
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